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    The performance of the stretch wrap film logistics packaging and testing,Worth it
    Stretch wrap film Is a kind of new packaging materials now logistics industry,Stretch wrap film has good tensile properties…… 【In more detail】
    How to stretch wrap film packaging items?[Image explanation
    Stretch wrap film Is a kind of new product packaging material industry,New users for its packaging method is not quite understand…… 【In more detail】
    Stretch wrap film for the safe use and the matters needing attention
    Stretch wrap film manufacturer The production of stretch film,If in use process do not pay attention to the following,On the body…… 【In more detail】
    What problem should note the choose and buy high quality stretch wrap film?
    Stretch wrap film By the good viscosity and tensile properties,The cost is low,Are the masses of users used in logistics,To the parcel…… 【In more detail】
    What is stretch film,What's the use
    Wrap film ,Also called stretch film、Heat shrinkable film,Domestic at the earliestPVCAs the base material,DOAAs the plasticizer and the adhesive…… 【In more detail】
    Wrap film which is good?
    Stretch Wrap film Which is good?Due to the continuous development of domestic science and technology skills,Packing can't meet before,The package…… 【In more detail】
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    Stretch wrap film manufacturer

      Linyi krubong pack material co., LTD is located in“China's logistics“--In linyi in shandong province。The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The company is a collection of stretch wrap film/Stretch film production、Sales、Trade to a body specialized enterprise,Main products include machine stretch film、Hand wrap film and cutting and wrapping film, etc,And can customize according to customer requirements of various specifications of products,The company is the national stretch wrap film manufacturers one of the top ten brands,Wrap film series products adopt imported linear low density polyethyleneLLDPEResin and tackifier special fertilizer proportion formula production,Has the good transparency、Vertical derivatives、Good resilience、The springback good lap, etc,Products passedSGSCertification testing,Company is stretching across the countryStretch film manufacturerOne of the top ten brands。
      The company always adhere to the“To really to pure,Quality to win”The production of guidelines,In the original technical excellence,And constantly develop new technologies,Improve product quality and quantity,As much as the output3500Tons,And product quality have reached the national standard,Have a professional testing institutionsSGSCertificate,In line with international environmental requirements,Set a good reputation in society,For the company's business development provides a broader space。As the stretch wrap film industry leading enterprises,“Krubong”Actively participates in the international technical exchanges and cooperation,Deepen the internal reform and establish a modern enterprise management system,Has become a domestic leading to pull so that I can stretch wrap film brand and benchmarking enterprises。 “To cheer,To the next level”,The company based on quality first、Reputation first、The customer is supreme purpose of the enterprise,United struggle continuously,Pioneering spirit,The introduction of high-tech talent,New product development,To provide customers with first-class products,The first-class service。Sincerely look forward to all the guests to come to my company to discuss cooperation,Seek common development,Create brilliant!

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