Network public relations company-Crisis public relations company-Baidu negative crisis public relations handling-The preferred chronological technology

Technical advantage

Automated information collector:A key to cut brand information collection,A key to screen,Intelligent identification negative public opinion;Positive communication content so feedback,Be clear at a glance;Negative stylized repression:In view of the brand negative related content,Can activate programmed negative suppression,24*7The model,As the brand to retain core users

Brand advantage

More than 10 years of industry experience、Perfect after-sale service system、3Each business all is in consecutive years ranked baidu baidu、360Such as search engine home page position、1000Home+The stability of the client company“The customer is supreme,The mission will reach”For the core with sincere services、Rigorous、Enthusiastic attitude,Won customer trust deeply。

Resource advantage

The new media:WeChat、Weibo、Hundreds of number、Zhihu、Today's headlines、Such as new media resources、Many industry。The content team:The original team,As well as many new media writers,Have rich experience and ability。The traditional media:4Big portal、Xinhua net、CCTV network、Such nationwide、Regional media resources。

Business is introduced

Crisis public relations

Take the lead in put forward“Optimization of repression”Public opinion processing method,According to borrow industry leading search engine optimization techniques,Against bad negative attack,Enhance brand reputation,Enhance customer trust,Comprehensive promotion brand positive image。

Crisis public relations

News optimization

In view of the designated news,Using relevant technical push keyword search results on the home page,Increased visibility。According to the actual demand specific selected news,Short-term or characteristics of the time、Characteristics of the customer for centralized display

News and information

Integrated marketing

Comprehensive analysis of industry data,To study the status quo brand strength,Accurate positioning the brand customer group,High-quality media resource integration of entire network,Planning targeted brand marketing solutions,The first detonated customer eye。

Brand maintenance

Public opinion monitoring

The related technology,Artificial intelligence analysis of entire network public opinion data,The crisis early warning in real time,Negative information feedback in time,Control the brand entire network public opinion direction,To reverse the negative crisis pr power

Public opinion monitoring
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Chronological began in science and technology co., LTD2012Years,Located in shenzhen baoan district,Company for a long time with deep technology subsoil in the Internet word of mouth marketing niche。Passing by7The development of the year,At present the whole team has been reached90Many people,Negative treatment group respectively、Brand word of mouth marketing team、Customer service and support team。 Chronological from was founded on its own technical strength and professional services based on the wave of the Internet,Always bases“Technology For this、The customer is supreme”Development pattern,So we are in the field of network brand reputation,Is the industry leader in all the time。We use for a long time With strong technical strength and good reputation,Successfully for many domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and large listed companies,Provide maintenance services online word-of-mouth, And get the customer consistent high praise。 Chronological always adhere to the win-win cooperation、Inclusive innovation、Is really honest、The foot...

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