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    Mountains in eastern Asia metal products co., LTD. Is located in the city of steel tube base--Shandong liaocheng,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient:Jiaoji han highway in the north,Jingjiu railway in the west,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。The spot production supply for a long time:Oxygen tube,High temperature resistant coating oxygen tube,Welded pipe thread type,Large diameter oxygen tube,Small oxygen tube, etc。

    Mountains in eastern Asia metal products co., LTD. Is a production and sales of oxygen pipe of professional manufacturers,The company produces the oxygen tube、Coating oxygen tube、Blow is seamless pipe、Small oxygen tube、Small oxygen tube、Oxygen tube, etc。06In the introduction of advanced oxygen pipe production equipment,Do all kinds of oxygen pipe production。Greatly improving the product quality,Make the products with high strength、Resistance to high temperature、Don't burst, etc,And get the oxygen tube industry nationwide. Praise by customers,And introduced the advanced oxygen tube coating technology,Specializing in the production of high temperature coating oxygen supply tube。High temperature coating oxygen tube is made of high quality magnesite as main body of high-grade refractory materials,Into a certain number of liquid binder,The special coating machine evenly attached on the surface of welded steel pipe after drying。At the same time due to the end of welded steel pipe handle(Reducer fittings and straight thread joint),Saving the usage of the oxygen pipe greatly,To reduce the cost,Also the convenient user use,Prolonged use of oxygen tube,To ensure the quality and safety。

    Oxygen tube specifications:5*1 、5*1.5 、6*1 、6*1.2、6*1.5 、8*1 、8*1.2、8*1.5 、9.52*1.24 、10*1 、10*1.2、10*1.5 、10*1.8、10*2 、10.5*2.5、12* 1 、12*1.2、12*1.5 、12*1.8、12*2 、13*1、13*1.2、13*1.5、13*2、14*1、14*1.2、14*1.5、14*2 、16*1、16*1.2、16*1.3、16*1.4、16*1.5、16*2 、17* 2、18*2 、19*2 、20*2、2...[More and more]

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